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Some of these samples have had part of the surface semi-finished to enhance the grain/figuring.

Black Palmira
(Caryota Urens)

1½" Sq.
This is a dense timber of the SouthEast Asian Palm known by a number of names such as Jaggery Palm, Toddy Palm, Hardy Fishtail Palm, Kitul palm.
(Phoebe porosa)

2" Sq.
A Brazilian wood whose heartwood is yellow olive to chocolate brown with variegated streaks and stripes.
(Olea Europea)

2" Sq.
Beautifully marbled grey/brown black grain figure in a pale to mid brown ground with hard interlocked grain.
African Ebony
(Diospyros crassiflora)

20mm Sq. and 65 x 26mm
Mostly jet black but sometimes streaked or flecked with grey brown. Hard and heavy.
(Microberlinia brazzavillensis)

18mm Sq. & 52mm Sq.
Golden yellow finely marked with regular dark brown streaks.
Violet Rosewood
(Dalbergia louvelli)

27mm Sq.
A rich dark red/violet with a distinctive perfume. The size I have currently is only suitable for dials and then only for small bezels.
(Dalbergia retusa)

65mm x 16mm
A Central American hardwood generally used as a replacement for Rio Rosewood which hasn't been traded for over 40 years. Unfortunately this is also becoming difficult to obtain and will soon be in the same state as Rio.
Vera - Lignum VitŠ
(Bulnesia arborea)

69mm x 22mm.
A dense (1100Kg/m│) Colombian grown timber. Olive green to brown, waxy with self lubricating qualities. Image shows both face and edge since the potential figuring on the finished watch cannot be evaluated from the face alone.
Goncalo Alves
(Astronium fraxinifolium)

68mm Sq.
A Brazilian wood - light reddish brown, boldly striped more or less with dark brown. Also known as Tiger-wood and Zebra-wood
Mother of Pearl

60 x 90mm These should produce .up to 10 dials with carefull cutting but only 6 of those would be round.

2" Dia.

98mm Dia.

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